The Process

From log to bowl

It Starts With a Regular Log

I source my raw materials from a variety of places. Once I attach the faceplate to the log, I stand back and allow the chisel to do the work.

Turning the Wood

Once the faceplate has been attached to the log, it is mounted onto a spinning lathe. From here on I use a chisel to turn the wood. This requires focus and precision as I need to remain vigilant and adaptable to the changing textures of the bowl.


I have developed a technique whereby I turn the outside of the bowl 100% but leave the inside half-finished. I then carefully sculpt the inside to achieve a beautiful shape and consistency.

Sculpting Details

During the sculpting phase, I try to highlight the unique details and markings of each bowl. I allow mother nature to show her beauty.

Sanding the Bowl

Once I have sculpted the inside of the bowl, I hand it over to my apprentice to begin the sanding process. He sands the bowl for many hours using different grades of sandpaper. This results in a marble-like smoothness.

Treating the Bowl

Once the sanding is complete and the surface of my bowl is nice and smooth, I treat it with a special polish to achieve a shiny/glossy finish.

Finishing Touches

The final step is to add my logo on the bottom of the bowl. It is then packed into a hand-made wooden box with a certificate of authenticity and sent off to the buyer.

Finished Bowl

A gentle application of antique wax (or any furniture wax) every 3 months ensures that your bowl maintains its shiny look.