I offer 3 personalised courses tailored to your learning journey:

Each course is conducted one-on-one to maximize your learning experience. Extended days are offered at R1000 p/d.

Booking in advance is necessary to secure your spot. A 50% deposit will be asked.

Beginners Course: Discover essential woodturning techniques over a comprehensive 3-day session. Perfect for crafting your unique hand-turned bowl.

Intermediate Course: Expand your skills with a 4-day program focusing on advanced chisel techniques and applications.

Advanced Course: Explore nuanced woodturning arts and exclusive techniques developed over 30 years, utilizing diverse tools. This course is an intensive 3 day course.


Beginners: 3 days | R6000

Day 1:

– Preparation and attaching faceplate to log
– Chainsaw techniques
– Turning the bowl’s exterior with a heavy-duty gouge and sharpening skills
– Detaching and reattaching faceplate using glue

Day 2:

– Reversing the bowl for interior hollowing
– Truing the exterior
– Careful handling of the grinder
– Hollowing inside with specialized tools, including an electric sculpting tool and careful handling of a grinder

Day 3:

– Sanding techniques from 60 to 1200 grit for a polished finish, followed by waxing
– Inlaying African Black wood dust and fixing cracks
– Completion may extend to a 4th day depending on progress

Course includes:

– All necessary equipment
– Log for creation

Intermediate : 4 days | R8000

– copy to come

Advanced: 5 days | R10000

– copy to come


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